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OutSource - atmoteka 2.0 + Interview

:: Interview
atmoteka: Hello, Jeff. It's a great pleasure to have you featured in our atmoteka series! What have you been up to lately in terms of music?

OutSource: Lately I've been working close with DJ Rap & her label Propa Talent.  So far I have 2 solo EPs that came out on Propa Talent this year. Propa Liquid Vol 1 & 3.  I also did some remixes for Rap's classic series EPs Digable Bass & Hardstep.  

atmoteka: Speaking about music, do you actually produce music to make a living, or is music-making your long-time hobby, or a 'side project' as if?

OutSource: I make a living with music but I still work full time outside of music.  Music making started out as a hobby but once I started noticing drum & bass used in films, tv & video games, I decided that's what I wanted to do.  

atmoteka: We know that you've produced some music for MTV, Discovery Channel and Nintendo - among others. Is producing music for such specific purpose more enjoyable than making beats for, say, Offworld?

OutSource: I enjoy both but honestly it's more enjoyable producing for labels such as Offworld & Propa Talent because you have more freedom to produce the style you like.  With writing for TV, the music supervisor usually wants you to produce a certain style they have in mind & a lot of times it has to be a certain time duration.  Writing for TV is very enjoyable also because it forces you to step out of your comfort zone & explore different styles you wouldn't normally do on your own.  Watching a program on TV with your music playing is very rewarding in itself & of course collecting royalties for it later is a plus.
atmoteka: And how did you get involved with Offworld? What's the story behind your engagement in music production in general?
I became a fan of LM1 & Offwolrd from searching for new atmospheric d&b.  From there I kept following & buying all the Offworld releases.  Whatever I'm currently listening to at the moment, style wise, I guess comes out in my production.  I wrote a few songs & I felt they had an Offworld vibe to them so I decided to pitch them to LM1 & he was feeling them.  He offered to sign 2 songs to Offworld for the Transmissions vol. 4 as soon as he heard them.  It was exciting because I was already a fan of the Offworld Transmission series.  

atmoteka: What's the most difficult part of putting a new track together? The composition? The structure? The sound? Or something else?

OutSource: The most challenging part for me when creating a new track is coming up with a bass line & melody that I like.  If a bass line or melody sounds too typical or generic, I have to keep starting from scratch.  Once I create something I like, it's usually easy for me to piece together as complete song.  

atmoteka: You're also known for your DJing skills. Do you find DJing more enjoyable than producing? Since you're into music basically 24/7, does DJing provide a balance for sitting in the studio?

OutSource: I love Djing but I always find creating a track from just an idea more enjoyable.  I still play songs that are over 10 years old that still sound fresh.  I'm fascinated with the thought that I can create something today & somebody might discover it a decade later.  
I think in Drum&Bass, production & djing goes hand in hand.  Djing is the way to perform what you created & support other artist.  DJing is definitely a good balance from the studio because it keeps you current with the other producers & it always inspires me to improve my own productions.  

atmoteka: Why atmospheric d'n'b? What do you find most attractive about it? Have you always been so fond of this type of d'n'b?

OutSource: When I was first getting into Drum&Bass around 98, it was always the tunes that had the atmospheric sound that I liked the most.  I was buying albums from Photek, Goldie, Adam F, & Boymerang & they all had atmospheric songs on their albums.  Once I discovered Good Looking Records I got hooked on atmospheric d&b & it really inspired me to get into production.  
Atmospheric Drum&Bass always seemed very futuristic & sophisticated which attracted me to the style.  It also seems to last longer than other styles in my opinion because it has real musical compositions involved which never gets outdated.  

atmoteka: Again, about DJing. How do you approach playing out? Do you put a tracklist together before you get to play, or do you make your selection spontaneously, based on what you feel at a given moment?

OutSource: I usually create a tracklist beforehand if I'm playing at a club or on the radio.  If I'm mixing at home I might just hit record & start mixing spontaneously.  Mixing spontaneously is always more fun & can sometimes make some of the best mixes. 

atmoteka: And what can you tell us about the mix you've made for atmoteka? What can we expect to hear there?

OutSource: The mix I put together for Atmoteka is a 17 track atmospheric d&b mix.  When I DJ I'm not always trying to play the latest releases like a lot of other DJs do.  I like to mix in a few classics here & there throughout my mixes.  This mix also has a handful of my own recent productions.  

atmoteka: Any d'n'b producers you've been following for a while? Any people you'd advise us to keep our eye on?

OutSource: I got into drum&bass from listening to early Photek, Goldie, Adam F, DJ Rap, Boymerang & Source Direct
I mostly get inspired by artist like Future Engineers, Aural Imbalance, LM1, Seba, ASC and Blu Mar Ten. 
Other producers I like recently would be Bass Flo, Galaxi, Tidal, Okee, and Killin Time

atmoteka: Do you look for inspirations outside d'n'b? If so, where do you tend to search for 'creative input'?

OutSource: Most of creative inspirations comes from outside of music.  It usually comes from movies, documentaries, art work, books,  or video games.  It's easier for me to approach a new tune with a theme & song title already in my head.  

atmoteka: Thanks for your time and involvement in our project! Any last words to our listeners and readers out there?

OutSource: Anytime!  I hope everyone enjoys my mix.  Thanks to all the listeners for the support on my releases.   Look out for more of my future releases on Propa Talent.

atmoteka: Thanks !

:: OutSource - atmoteka 2.0

Intersolar - SoulShatter (Aural Imbalance Rewire)
Kredit - Ascending Red (Future Engineers Remix)
OutSource - Vanquish
Galaxi - Red Planet
LM1 - Berlin (Future Engineers Remix)
OutSource - Destination
P.F.M - The Western (Remix)
Outsource - On my way
Bop - Skeptikos (Mav Remix)
OutSource - Time Lapse
Okee & Aural Imbalance - Beneath the Surface
KMC - System
Adam F - Aromatherapy
Outsource - Thought process
Tidal - Blue Hours (Aural Imbalance Rewire)
LM1 & Indigo Sync - The 591
DJ Rap - Hardstep Remix (OutSource Remix)

photo : Superfamous
artwork : Saimonse


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