piątek, 26 kwietnia 2013

10th Symbol

The Symbol series released by the ever-progressing Auxiliary seems to me as a kind of breakthrough in the more experimental side of electronic music. Its unique form and remarkable content made me purchase all parts of the series on vinyl, though the truth is, I don’t even own a turntable. Still, I do believe that such kind of music should be supported in every possible way. ‘10th symbol’ is my personal summary of this amazing series, as well as a homage paid to all the artists who put their hearts and minds in making this series come to life.

sam kdc - symbol #8.1
method one - symbol #5.3
asc & bvdub - symbol #2.2
east of oceans - symbol #6.1
sam kdc - symbol #3.2
indigo - symbol #7.3
sam kdc - symbol #8.2
method one - symbol #5.2
asc - symbol #1.3
consequence - symbol #4.4
synth sense - symbol #9.2
sam kdc - symbol #3.3


artwork: Yak
big thanks: asx