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Orange n Blue - atmoteka 1.11 + Interview

Orange n Blue originally started out as a dj holding residency at the legendary Brunel Rooms during the height of the rave scene in the early 90’s. During his early years of production, he was featured in several music publications including; Dj Magazine and The Mix - where Rob green concluded that his music was “million dollar material”. Despite the interest in his music from several labels during the second half of the 90’s, he never committed to signing himself to any exclusive contracts.

In 2002, after a few years break he joined forces with Cadence Recordings and along with Aural Imbalance has been responsible for shaping the labels highly respected sound output during recent times. He also put out limited vinyl releases on his own label ‘Cintamani’ and has produced music for commercial business as part of his work with design agency Planet Purple. Orange n Blue’s music is supported across the board by local and household name Dj’s, clubs and radio shows.

:: Interview

atmoteka : Hello! How are you doing? What have you been up to lately in terms of music ?

OnB : Apart from a few remixes and some Djing, most of my contact with music has been on the listening end of the spectrum lately.

atmoteka : Why ‘Orange n Blue’ ? What’s the story behind the nickname ?

OnB : Well there is a little bit of a story behind that. I have an interest in the Sanskrit Philosophy of ancient India, and the source of all creation, according to the Vedic texts is a personality known as ‘Krishna’, who is also the source of the syllable OM - the original sound vibration throughout the universe. Krishna is described as being blue, or the colour of a dark rain cloud in complexion and wearing orange garments - hence the name Orange n Blue.

atmoteka : How long have you been into music production? Who has been your biggest inspiration to date ? What inspires you to write a new piece ?

OnB : I started producing music 20 years ago and I really can’t put any one person or artist down as a main inspiration as there are so many that have and still inspire me.

atmoteka: Can you name a couple of ‘timeless’ tracks or producers that you’re a real big fan of ? You don’t have to limit yourself to d’n’b only.

OnB : In terms of dnb Artist; Pete Parsons and Photek. As for tracks by non dnb artist; Pressure Drop ‘Dusk’ and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole ‘Hawai’i ‘78’.

atmoteka : Why ‘atmospheric’ d’n’b ? What do you find so attractive about this type of drum & bass ?

OnB : I love the duality of big sub bass and cracking amens against the backdrop of a beautiful soundscape. It shouldn’t work, but it does. It has a magical quality that is unique even within the drum n bass scene. Something for the mind and feet all wrapped up in one bundle.

atmoteka : Producing or djing ? Which of these is more enjoyable for you today? Has it always been like that, or has it changed with time ?

OnB : I started out as a Dj back in 1990 during the height of the rave scene in the UK and 4 years later sold my decks and vinyl to purchase an Atari ST and Emu sampler to produce my own material. These days, because I’m not a prolific producer or dj, I get equal pleasure from them both.

atmoteka : Is there any type of music – besides d’n’b – you’re very fond of ? Or, on the other hand, any type you rather steer clear of ?

OnB : I have a collection of muic that covers just about every genre and age. The only thing you won’t find in there is ‘Happy Hardcore’. I would rather listen to Death Metal and I ain’t got any of that either !

atmoteka : Do you think that the golden era (let’s call it) of atmospheric d’n’b is way behind us ? Or is this ‘section’ of d’n’b still doing well today ?

OnB : It was the golden era because it was new, fresh and exciting and at the time was part of the overall course of drum n bass. In today’s scene it has retreated to make up one smaller sub Genre. It may not be on the scale or quantity of the past, but there are great producers and tunes still being made today for sure.

atmoteka : Can you tell us a few words about the mix you’ve prepared for us ? Is it rather a random collection of tracks you enjoy at the moment, or a thought-out list of pieces of music to tell a story as a whole ?

OnB : Basically I just selected a mixture of tunes, both new and old that pretty much sum up what Orange n Blue is all about. For me, good music is timeless and you are likely to hear me mixing 20 year old tunes and dubplates within the same set. After all, there’s lots of younger people that are hearing the older tunes for the first time and it’s just as fresh to them today as it was to me 15 years ago.

atmoteka : What are your plans for the future? Any forthcoming releases on Cadence up your sleeve?

OnB : There is a forthcoming remix by myself of ‘Static -The Greys’ due for release shortly and also a track on ‘Project 15’ both on Cadence. I also have a couple of tracks in collaboration with an old friend due to start anytime.

:: Orange n Blue - atmoteka 1.11


Intersolar - Sunchaser| Sonata Rec
Berkheya - Artificial Intelligence | Monochrome Rec
Calibre - The Wash | Signature Rec
Flowrian - Valencia (Enea Deep Dry Remix) | Fokuz Rec
Arp-1 & KP - Orient Express | Soul Deep Rec
Poschek - Change A Thing | Influenza Media
Antidote & R-Dub - Perenial Spring | Antidote Self-released
Bass'Flo - Dreamwalker | Offworld
Bungle - Astral Travel | Soul:R
Bass'Flo & Ziyal - Invisible Worlds (Aural Imbalance Rework) | Cadence Rec
The Sentinal - Toulépleu  (feat. Co-Co) | Basement Rec
Earl Grey - My Soul's On Ice | Rugged Vinyl Rec
Infest - Out Of This World | DCSI4

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photo : Lee Scott
artwork : Saimonse